Hello everyone, what's the difference between 'a variety of' and 'varieties of' in the following sentences? And are they both correct?

  1. There is a variety of flowers in the market.
  2. There are varieties of flowers in the market.

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a variety of ~ many different

shows a variety of flowers
a bouquet containing a variety of flowers
using the petals of a variety of flowers

varieties of ~ species of

several varieties of flowers in a moss basket
the production of new varieties of flowers from seed
the origin of most varieties of flowers



Sentence 1 is ungrammatical. The word "variety" has a singular sense (for example: Variety is the spice of life.) but in the the phrase "variety of flowers" its combination with the plural word "flowers" forces everything into the plural. The first sentence should be: "There are a variety of flowers in the market." With this correction, 1 and 2 have essentially the same meaning: There are several different kinds of flowers in the market.

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