Please help me to use the terms "various" and "a various" properly. Sometimes it is confusing. How about here? Can I use both of them here?

... can be performed using a various (various???) functions ...

Sorry, can you also tell me the difference in usage for the phrases "both of something" and "the both of something." Like the underlined part above, I sometimes am confused whether I should use "the both of them" or "both of them." Help.
using a various functions
No a.

Both of them
is fine
the other seems strange to me,
and Swan says that the should not be used before both
check both)
but look , I find enough usage with it at The New York Times (which is supposed to have educated writers/editors). Strange to me, again.

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    Re: a various or various

    Hi Believer,

    In the first example, I would use various without the "a". The noun functions is in plural, and therefore does not require an article "a". You could say:

    ...can be performed using functions. The adjective "various" can the be inserted before the noun:

    ....can de perfomed using various functions.

    You could always rewrite the phrase so it says: ...can be performed using a variety of functions, if you care to emphasize the variety.

    Your second example does not require the article "the". The correct phrase is ....go ahead and take both of them. Maybe the similar expression...go ahead and take them both...is confusing you.

    I hope this helps,