is it correct to say

"i am way behind you".
let me give you the context. Two friends are talking. One say you have achieved so many things. Then the other guy says but I am still a way behind you.

Is it correct?
"I'm still a long way behind" or "I'm still far behind" is used metaphorically; in this case by one friend to explain his feeling of underachievement when compared to his companion.
way behind or a way behind?
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All are correct:

(still) way behind / ahead
(still) (quite) a way behind / ahead
(still) (quite) a ways behind / ahead

Yes. Believe it or not, people use the plural "ways" in this idiom!

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>way behind or a way behind
Both are ok.

way behind - way here is an adverb, meaning "behind by a great distance"
a way behind - way here is a noun, meaning "an unspecified length of distance behind "
ways behind - way here is a noun, meaning the same as the above.
Thanks to CalifJim and Wai Wai. Learned something new today.
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You are welcome