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No sooner had I told myself to forget it than I had a thought, "Why don't you take your own advice? At that lecture you gave last week at the sales conference, you said, 'Never throw away an idea just because it is impossible. Give it a chance."

As soon as I decided to give it a try, I remembered to meet / meeting a man named Bob Eagle, the head of an auto sales company in Dallas, Texas. Should I call Bob and see if / that he would sell me a car at cost? The idea seemed so crazy / crazily I almost thought I should forget it. But then I remembered another principle I have often talked about, "Do it now!"

7. Find a descripion which accords to the above passage?

① The writer tossed aside his desire for the brand-new car.

② The writer never thought of giving up the brand-new car.

③ A positive thinking gave the writer a way to get the brand-new car.

④ The idea to call to Bob was so crazy that he forgot it.

⑤ The writer was a man of moral principles.


The answer is 3. Is that oK? ---- a way to get the brand-new car? sounds good or not? Thank you.
I'd say it's the best of a bad lot. It has a couple of faults, but none of the others even come close.
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Thank you for your reply.

You said that it has a couple of faults. Would you friendly tell me what was the faults? Help me please!

thank you.
Hi Jisu,

(3) A positive thinking gave the writer a way to get the brand-new car.

You mention the brand new car as if we are supposed to know what you're talking about. Something is missing from your introductory comments, such as "I was seriously thinking yesterday I'd like to get a brand new car, but I immediately concluded I was just being foolish."

Your number three is written as though we knew that his plan had been successful - that he now has a brand new car. This doesn't comport with (accord to?) your existing narrative. Again, something is missing if (3) is to fit. (You might say "a possible way to get . . ")

The article "A positive . . " is out of place. "A positive thought" is countable; "positive thinking" is not. (Positive thinking is the better choice here, as it involves more than one idea.)

Sorry for the delay. Hope I didn't make you late with an assignment. Best wishes, - A.

P.S. I've been assuming your three optional word pairs in your introductory narrative are part of an exercise you're creating, and you're not asking for comments there. (they look good)
Thank you! Your answer was not late. In fact, I just found out how to find out my post fast. I usually searched all the posts. But, Today I realized I can just click the number under my nickname;I wanted to explain why my thank reply was so late. Thank you again.

Anyway, if there is any more context , 'A positive thinking' only is wrong and It should be changed into 'Positive thinkind', right? Thank you again!
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Yes, just get rid of the "A."