Have you ever come across the word called, single mother, please I need its meaning and use.Emotion: big smile

I'd Emotion: crying if no one answered me, Thanks in advance.....
Hi, yes, single mother is a common phrase. Also single mum.

It means a mother who raises her family with no resident father. She could be a widow, she could be divorced or separated, she may have lived with the father in the past but no longer, she may never have lived with the father. She is 'single' in the sense of not having a partner, and a mother.
I really don't know how to thank you , nona, all I can say is that you're most welcome in my house when ya come to K.S.A. THANKS from within my heart...Emotion: big smile

p.s. inviting people to your house is a custom in the Kingdom, you have to serve the guest all the time and give him or her whatever they ask for..
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Is KSA the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? And if so, don't you need to delete the beer? Do we have a smily-icon for a whole roast lamb?
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