Say today is August 31 Wednesday. How do you describe the date August 19?

Can I say, "a week before last Friday" or "two weeks before this coming Friday"?

Any better ways of saying it?

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Here's what I would say: 'The Friday before last.'


This is an excellent question. In my experience, many learners have a great deal of trouble with all these kinds of expressions.

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When the day is more than one week old, referring to it as a day of the week (Friday, Thursday ...) may not be a good idea. Just call them by its date to avoid potential confusion.

Sep 1 :Today

Aug 31 : Yesterday

8/30 : the day before yesterday

8/29 : last Monday

8/28 : last Sunday

8/27 : last Sat

8/26 : last Fri

8/25 : last Thu, or a week ago

8/24 : August 24

8/23 : August 23

8/22 : August 22


Yes, that's true, but the problem is that native speakers very often don't just refer to dates in that way, so learners who speak with them can easily become confused.

Best wishes, Clive
I would say 'a week ago last Friday'.

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I have to note, MrP, that I would personally not understand that to mean [roughly here] two weeks ago. Is that an AmE/BrE thing?
It sounds like it!

You would say 'the Friday before last' as well, in BrE.

It seems we've got two possible answers.

1. the Friday before last. (do you mean the Friday before last Friday?)

2. a week ago last Friday. (Is it OK to say, 'a week before last Friday'?) Why not if the answer is 'No'?


Let me go a little further.

Say today were August 31 Wednesday. How do you describe the date August 4?

Is it OK to say, "3 weeks ago last Thirsday" or "the third Thirsday before last (Thirsday)"?

Any better ideas?

Thanks, folks.
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