THE cinema is always a good place to go on weekends. So one Saturday, I asked my best friend to a nearby cinema.The cinema has a special offer every Saturday. At 10 am, there are two or three movies for juniors. They’re mainly cartoons. You only have to pay a pound if you’re a kid.And the cinema offers other great deals. You only have to pay£2.50 for a "Monday Classic" ticket and£4 for a "Bargain Tuesday". It’s so good!When we entered the hall, it was full of people. We could only find room to sit on the steps. Later some other kids joined us there.

The film we saw is called Ratatouille. It’s about how a rat helps a human cook make delicious food in . It was great fun and we had a good time!
On week, i have to study and study. I am have only weekend to relax.
I usualy online and chat.
It very interesting.
Throught chatting i can say what i can't say on real life and i have a lot of friend to chat.