A Weeklong Love Story

Monday when we first met,
Tuesday the closer we get;
Wednesday you said to me "I Love You",
Thursday I answered "I Love You" too;
Friday we were full of love all along,
Our hearts seem to be singing a song;
Saturday you suddenly got mad,
Sunday you left me so bad.

In split seconds you came,
Sooner than a minute you left without shame;
I closed my eyes, you were still there,
I opened it up, I found you nowhere;
You made me feel,
A love I thought for real;
Monday when we did begin,
Sunday was our final end.

Love has faded before it can actually come true...Emotion: sad
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Hi Mayumi,

I liked friday!!:P

hi Pucca..yah me too,but too bad it's only good for a day!Emotion: crying
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Yeah!!The end of the week upsets me a bit..Emotion: sad
Pucca what does CARPE DIEM mean, if you don't mind?Emotion: wink
Carpe diem means "size the time" Emotion: wink
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Hi Mayumi! Do you write music as well? Or do you know someone with musical talents? If you would write extra lines for a chorus (something including, e.g. "This is my weeklong love song...") then this could be the beginnings of a great song! Just a thought...
Greetings from Holland,
thanks Pucca!Maraming salamat po!Emotion: big smile
Hello Annvan!you're in the right track Ann.Actually this is a tagalog song(Isang Linggong Pag-ibig)that I translated in english...and it's a hit here in Phil.
Maybe you can listen to it when you come to visit.....

Mabuhay from the PhilippinesEmotion: big smile
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