Among the bushes of side-burns
lied that meandering white hair
just around my right ear,
giving me so much of fear.
On the roll was
my contemplation,
my day-dreaming
as i started thinking
Of those teeth
that would be gone,
Of those wrinkles
that would surface
my face,and
Of those bones
that would become weak
and no-longer withstand my own weight.
As my thoughts jettisoned me
to my ageing,
where i became a senior citizen
and got sympathy of ppl around,
i cursed that poor mirror
that unveiled my hair,
just when i realise
its a white cotton-thread
that threw me
into the age of grey and red!
That is a nice one! May I ask why red? Have you used it to rhyme with thread? Or perhaps you are referring to wine or something?
u got it right was just a rhyming with thread...but loosely seen indifference to the charisma of colors is also a sign of old age...for that matter be it grey or be it red.