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i am also hmmm i want to say im love with her but i dont know. I know I have very strong feelings for her. The other thing thats difficult is that shes my boss. She doesnt know who she wants to be with. She says there are things about me that I cant give her that the ex does, but theres also things that he cant give her that i do. All in all though, its her choice. I cant make her do anything. A few people told me i should not let her go and keep showing her how much I care about her. I agree to an extent that I can still be there for here and show I care, but she also needs time away to make her choice, Im also hurting so I need space as well.
I disagree, I'm in love with two men and this week we are getting ready to move into a house together. 2 bedrooms, I guess maybe I just want to live with both of them because I cannot imagine my life without either of them. Also, by living with them I'm hoping this will find a resolution whom I'm destin to be with, both, one of them or neither. Both has completely different personality, one is outgoing, messy, goofy like me, the other is OCD, neat freak, inward and shy. This is the first time I've ever been in love with two men. I think about both of them all the time. The two guys are buddies. Time will tell what will happen with this.
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