Is there a word for something that everybody knows? Something like, hm, omni-known, maybe?
"Famous" or "well-known" are almost OK, except they don't give 100 percent of people involved.



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I think "common knowledge" or "obvious" may be what you are after, I definately wouldn't use omni-known unless you want to sound a little eccentric Emotion: stick out tongue
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Are you thinking of "omniscient"? Which means that someone "knows everthing".
Feebs11Are you thinking of "omniscient"? Which means that someone "knows everthing".
Thanks, I'm aware of omniscient.
We have that prefix "omni", so I thought there is a word, particularly an adjective, to describe something that is known by everybody.
No - there isn't such a word {yet}. "Common knowledge" is the best alternative.
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Landmark, maybe?
AnonymousLandmark, maybe?

Renown, reputation, standing, status? looking for any of them?

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Eyyy, It's reputation isn't it?? - just thought of it

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