I'm trying to describe a method that uses random data, but this data is restricted to a certain range. Should I say

The MSS method uses similar but disordered data.


The MSS method uses closely related but random data.


If anyone can come up with a better suggestion.
Hm, "closely related" sounds like a relationship between data that is far from random.

The simplest way would be to stick to the truth:

"The MSS method uses random data in the range of xxx .. yyy." (no relation, just a range/condition)
"The MSS method uses random data obeying the relation ...." (with relation and condition)

If the data are a fixed set of elements in random order:
"The MSS method uses the data ... in random order."

If this is not satisfying, you probably need to supply more context.

Thanks for your suggestions. Since I don't really have a formula for the relationship between the data, I will word it like this instead.

The MMS method uses data that are random within a fixed range.

What do you think?
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That's OK.

It is strange to see the vulgar filter at work when describing a range as xxx..yyy. Maybe somewhat overdone? How can the third-last letter of the alphabet be so provocant to anybody?