NanoViricides, Inc. (OTC BB: NNVC.OB), said that its anti-HIV drug candidates demonstrated significant therapeutic efficacy in the recently completed preliminary animal studies. The studies were performed at a Bio-Safety Level 3 Laboratory (BSL-3) facility in . These mouse model studies were conducted by Dr. Krishna Menon, PhD, VMD, MRCS, a world-renowned authority in preclinical and toxicological studies of innovative therapeutics.


a world-renowned authority = RCS = Royal College of Surgeons?


a world-renowned authority = the Bio-Safety Level 3 Laboratory (BSL-3) facility in
Dr. Menon is the authority. The initials after his name are simply his credentials.
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Thank you GG.
MRCS = Members of the Royal College of Surgeons?
Okay, his credentials and affiliations.