My chilldhood days were spent in fear of the war, in grief for relatives killed by bombs, in sorrow for the poverty-stricken. I used to witness the scene of bombs falling around me. In the afternoon of summer, my family was gathering for dinner in the middle yard, a piece of a bomb at the length of 20 centimetres crossed over and cut off the bicycle into 2 halves- my father’s precious property, fortunately, none of us got injured, unless our head has been split away from the body. One biggest size bomb had exploded 100 mettres away not far. When I heard the sound, by my natural instinct of reaction, I just layed down closely the ground to keep away the wounded pieces of bomb. In that time, I never had a good sleep. Each time , I heard the sound of a plane flying in the sky, all members of my family woke up and ran down to the trench. The mouth of the trench was just about 1 metre away, and connected to the trench A. My first sister died of being tied tightly from barbed wire into her foot dragging over 10 kilometres by the tank. When The night came, the neighbours had buried her. She couldn’t pull that wire out. Until to the day of independence, the grave was moved and the wire had been taken away her body. My mother’s aunt died from a fragmentation bomb while she was working in a field. Death and survive are not nearly an inch. In the first few minutes, Some people just talked and smiled delightfully and joyfully, later, they were killed by bombs. My parents who saw the occurences of the war, they thought death was easy for everyone, so they decided to give birth more and more. If one went to die, the other was still alive. As a result, 11 children were born. Until now, luckily, my family has 10 children. In my memory, to protect safely for their children, my parents had to move to another place to live. Over 10 times within 8 years. Saying a House is boasting up, but the neighbours came to accomplish it for 2 days , the roof is made in from straw, the wall is made from bamboo ribs mixtured with clay and rice husk. The war ended, we must face with famine, because the family was crowded with children, each person is responsible for each others work. It’s needed to do something to get over this difficult life. For myself, I experienced various works such as tending to buffaloes, gleaning corn, catching field crab, moulding brick, painting pictures, picking woods, seeking cajuput, wrapping brooms, making finest flour from cassava. The hardest and toughest work are possibly casting brick. I ought to go down a deep hole to bring blocks of clays into a pile and carry out casting bricks in turn, my back touched directly with the harshy sunlight in the summer, each day, I must breath into my lung a big amount of dust from coal residues of brick kiln . I have stayed 3 years in high school, this period is worst for vietnam’s economic regression. The state only concentrated on solving the consequences of the war. The school is away from home about 20 kilometres, my handbag is unique with a suit of long clothes for going to class. When it got dirty, i would have stayed at home to wash it, i must wait for it to the dry so that I could put on it outside. I got early about trying to study by myself that would help change my life, it would rather be poor forever? I worked so hard and fortunately, i was one of two high school students passed the exam and entranced in the Encyclopaedic University, then I chose the department of construction. Five years had flu by, I was an excellent student of the school but I refused to be a teacher of the University because of the difficulties of teacher’s life. I was both going to school and learning English, then, few people wanted to learn foreign languages and also, few foreigners came to vietnam. I got only 10 sentences for communication. Where I go, who I meet, I only ask or answer in the certain extent of the level, but day by day, when I practiced fluently with those sentences, I continued learning many different sentences. The sentence I used mostly for communicating with foreigners when I met anyone I said “ what do you think about vietnam?” I always got the answer “friendly” I was one of two lucky Vietnamese students received a pack of total scholarship to go futher in business master in Coventry, England. Everything was going on like a dream, I was living in paradise, I took advantages of the minutes of my life to feel and study businuess and uneasingly improve my English, for me, then, I just queued at bus station, the tube that is enough for me to get many things from civilization and politeness of English. I have been learned quite a few of knowledge about business administration, namely, where customer caring and customer satisfactory started from, even, I learned simple daily things such as kinds of foods of an English breakfast, ... I could feel and understand why westerners are likely to focus on reading culture, most of them read anywhen, anywhere. Up to now, sometimes, I get shock because my customers understand and take information on the website of friendly hotel better than me, one reason is that they read a lot. In a nice afternoon, I went for a walk with my little pretty daughter, I saw a plot of land although it is small, it has a good development about tourism. I was attracted so much that I uttered the words “the thunder of love” which is showed by a boy to a girl at the first sight. I bought it immediately. Five years later, the price of land increased nearly 10 times. Many people asked me for sale, but I didn’t. I thought that “might I sell my lover?” I loaned a budget of bank to found a small hotel with 10 rooms. I woke up so late every night to think how I can design a proper, convenient hotel, and have many rooms. Calling name for hotel is also a significant task because to customers it must be easy to remember, attractive, meaningful, and suitable with the character of the boss. Eventually, I made an decision to take the answer about vietnamese character “ FRIENDLY” for my hotel. The business has been 6 years, the customers like it and almost, the rooms are no surplus more. The hotel size is small so, it is difficult to carry on a good business. I feel uncomfortable and narrow because I don’t have an opportunity to show myself, but now I can do nothing owning to the source is at a level. After the time of accumulation , bank loan, the hotel will be expanded and upgraded into 30 rooms with elevator, restaurant, rooms with full of facilities. .. again, I woke up every night of month to calculate the best way to lay out the most convenient space, nicest interior decoration in the limitation of financial condition. The customers will praise the hotel, me , looks like a fish into the water” because I have condition enough to bring my busniness knowledge which I learned in europe came into effects. I tried my best at nights and days to make a booking system on internet, train staffs and find out one answer about “the pleasure of customers”. It is not really good if you spend hundreds of dollars to book a room and stay in the 5 stars hotel, the pleasure is in the way of spending some dozens of dollars to book a room and stay at our friendly hotel. Particularly, just for analysing the words” than thien means “ friendly, I and my employees have spent hundreds of years to research, always remember “ than thien- friendly” to show the character during serving customers. There is a rule that all of our employees need to remember that if anyone lost their money, they would feel regretful and unhappy, but in return, if they got a good serve, they would feel happy. If at the same point, “their happiness” is more than their regret and unhappiness, they are still happy because it is the satisfactory of customers. therefore, we will make a big effort to serve customers in which way is called the best and get their money at least to make them pleasant. As i told you above, poverty and starvation is sticking to my childhood, the obssession of a sad past unforgetably that is always the reminding for me to be something to stand up and change my life. I learnt busniess at the early beginning to get MBA degree, I have learned english myself for 30 years continuously. Learning English is so hard for me because of no conditions and environments to practice. Besides, I have a concept that the more happy I bring to people, the more happy i get. That is the way to repay my unhappy past. All that is conducted into an idea of the program “tea and talk” at than thien hotel which is set up aiming for helping hue students have an environment to practice and improve their speaking english skills. Vietnamese students, in common, and hue students, in particular, are poor like me. it is the reason, only with drinking tea and talk, they don’t need to pay any charges for joing in the program. At the same time, I silently thank many hundreds dosmetic and foreign customers signed in to “ tea and talk program “ to assist hue students enhance their speaking skill and have more chance for seeking for a job after. I think that in this life, if you determine a target of your life, you should make a passion on work no matter what the field is; look for, apply available resources of human beings and labour so hardly, you will gain success, silmultaneously, if you do some good things for society, you will feel your life happy and more meaningful. It is my story, sincerely thanks all of you for your caring on reading, sympathizing, and supporting us – friendly hotel.

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