Although nowadays many people have access to sports facilities, modern lifestyles are becoming less and less active.

What problems are associated with this?

How can people be persuaded to have a more active lifestyle?

While places to exercise are becoming more accessible, people tend to be less active than they once were. From my perspective, this can lead to several detrimental effects, in terms of people’s well-being and healthcare costs. As a remedy, governments should raise the younger generation’s awareness of the benefit of exercising as well as making companies provide sports facilities at work.

First of all, inactive lifestyles can have a negative effect on people’s health. It is common knowledge that without working out, the muscles and immune system become weaker, which makes people more likely to suffer from severe health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Moreover, the increase in the number of patients can result in higher healthcare costs as hospitals have to expand their capacity and people need expensive treatments to stay alive. As the result, poorer people are unable to access these treatments, thus leading to a decline in the overall quality of life.

To solve the problem, it is necessary for governments to make companies provide sports equipment at work and give workers time to use them. By doing this, employees can have more incentives to exercise since they find it convenient and time-saving. In addition, the younger generation should be required to attend physical education classes regularly at schools in order to acquire the benefits of maintaining a healthy and active way of living in the future.

In conclusion, sedentary lifestyles are likely to cause serious problems to people's health which leads to higher medical costs, and it is important to encourage everyone to pursue active lifestyles by providing sports facilities in the workplace and educating young people to participate in physical exercise frequently

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