The RULE: In order to solve it, you are allowed only to ask me yes/no questions. And I may answer only No, Yes and Run-time error (in case neither Yes nor No fit).

Here's the riddle:

A little girl and a little guy were walking and suddenly wanted some peach juice. The girl said: "I want two glasses of peach juice". The guy said he wanted one.

They go to a bar and the boy buys five glasses of peach juice, but takes only three glasses, leaving the other two on the counter.

He gives two glasses to the girl, as she asked, and takes one for himself (as he wanted).

QUESTION: What's the matter? Why did he do so?
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Ahhh, I see.

Well, lemme tell you this, Ant... When you were asked, you said:

No, he is not an idiot.
He was a normal 10-12 year-old boy. A clever boy.

Well, that was misleading. That was wrong!
Now, do you think a guy who ask for five glasses of juice instead of three just because he can't pronounce the R's... and pay for all of them... and only takes three... is clever? And not an idiot? LOL, he must be a moron! Emotion: wink

So all those Asians who pronounce R's like L's... what should they do if they need to buy four new tires? They can't say four. Ok, they'll buy five. But they can't say tires. They can't say "those round things" either. They can't say "those made of rubber". So I guess they should buy a new "automobile" (not "car", it has an R), take away the new tires, and throw away the rest of the car. LOL Emotion: wink

He was probably laught/scoffed at due his speech defect very often at school, so he had developed an inferiority complex, which I think provides no reasons to call him an idiot, and neither does it contradict with a clever mind.

Don't you think so?
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So, congrats to Dr.Dhaif and thanks to Ant for this riddle!

Anyway, I agree with Kooyeen Emotion: smile
I wouldn't call clever one who buys five glasses of juice (and pays for them) when he only wants three Emotion: big smile
Ant_222Tanit: I mistook garlik for chesnok (Russian garlik that has no R)...
Actually, it was Dr the one who asked ... Emotion: big smile

Oops. I insticntively felt it was you. I didn't expect such a question from Dr. Dhaif for some reason.
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all the boy would have to say is, she (MY LITTLE GIRLFRIEND) wants two, and ill have one.....
Top Answer!!! Or just hod up 3 fingers....
hes smart and thinking ahead. he was probably sure that they would want another one. this was he didnt have to wait to order?
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was it for thier parents?
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