The RULE: In order to solve it, you are allowed only to ask me yes/no questions. And I may answer only No, Yes and Run-time error (in case neither Yes nor No fit).

Here's the riddle:

A little girl and a little guy were walking and suddenly wanted some peach juice. The girl said: "I want two glasses of peach juice". The guy said he wanted one.

They go to a bar and the boy buys five glasses of peach juice, but takes only three glasses, leaving the other two on the counter.

He gives two glasses to the girl, as she asked, and takes one for himself (as he wanted).

QUESTION: What's the matter? Why did he do so?
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Dr. Dhaif

No, he is not an idiot.

P.S.: I though that the PostScriptum ("NEVER MIND") that said doctor provided after said enquery had cancelled the question...
Did he leave them in the bar , so he can take them later whenever he want ?
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Dr. Dhaif.

«Did he leave them in the bar...» — Yes.

«...so he can take them later whenever he want ?» — No. He never came back for them.
Did the boy take three glasses and leave the other two for the girl?
«Did the boy take three glasses and leave the other two for the girl?» — No. He took three glasses, two of which he gave to the girl,because she had asked for two glasses, and one drank himself because he wanted one glass.
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These kinds of games are cool, but soooo difficult! It's called lateral-thinking, right? But how can I think laterally? LOL

Does one of them see double? Emotion: smile

«It's called lateral-thinking, right?»

Not sure. I'd call it the investigation of a black box, or, more romantically, emergance into the darkness.

«Does one of them see double?» — No. It wouln't help anyway. The boy would have to "hear double"...
Hmmm, do those guys know any math at all? You know, maybe they thought 1 + 2 = 5

We should focus on that, because you said they asked for 5 glasses, even though they wanted 2 (the girl) plus one (the guy)
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«Hmmm, do those guys know any math at all?» — The boy is good at math.
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