Could you please advise on the English abbreviation for block? Can I use blk?

Thank you!
I am not aware of any reason to have an abbreviation for the word "block".

I don't think there is an official abbreviation of that word, so you can make up whatever you want I suppose.

Emotion: sadI was asked by an american colleague to use the abbreviated form in my writing, so I really need to find "the correct" one, as she seems to be unhappy with "blk".
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There is no standard abbreviation for "block". It's very unusual to see words that are less than about eight letters long being abbreviated.
Dear American Colleague,
Sorry, but I am at a loss.
Could you please tell me which abbreviation for "block" you would like me to use?
I appreciate your input.
I think Anon is referring to mailing address.

Where I live, the practice is to use 'Blk' for 'Block'.

For example, an address could read something as follows:

Blk 123, ABC Street 12... ('Blk' refers to the block of flats.)
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Perhaps, Yoong Liat, but his colleague is American and in the US we don't have blocks of flats. They are called apartment buildings and each has (in general) its own separate address. There are, of course, city blocks like in New York City. But I think the best advice we can give our anonymous friend is to seek clarification directly from his colleague.
its the common used term i think yes u CAN...


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