Does anyone know whether the word International has abbreviation or not? Could it be written Int. ? If not, then, do the words Republican and Institute have abbreviations?

Thanks :-),

Int. OR Intl. = International

Rep. = Republican

Inst. = Institute
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Thank you so much! Believe it or not, you saved my future Emotion: big smile.
With Republican, do you mean the American polical party? It's usually abbreviated GOP, for Grand Old Party, an old nickname.)
Nope! I don't mean the political party, just Republican on its own! Anyways, thanks for the information, it is good to know Emotion: smile.
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Hello Sheena,

I was just looking for the same thing. I remembered that I saw it somewhere as Int'l. You may want to check the USPS (United States Postal Service) website. That may be where I saw it once.

I hope that helps,

 Hi Sheena,

I think it's intl. or internatl.
Margrita ;-) 
You can use Intl. or Int'l, with or without the period, depending on whatever punctuation is also used by surrounding words.

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Feebs11Int. OR Intl. = InternationalRep. = RepublicanInst. = Institute
Abbreviation for International is either INTL or INT'L
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