Read it till the end please! This is about us all! Emotion: wink

You realize that you live in 21th century when:

1. By mistake, you type your system access password on a keyboard of a microwave oven.

2. You have a list of 15 numbers to get in touch with your family, while the latter consists of 3 people.

3. You send an email to your colleague who is sitting in the next room.

4. You have lost the contact with your friends or family for they don't have an email address.

5. After a work day you come back home and answer a phone call the way as if you were still at work.

7. You become panic-striken if you have left home without a cell phone and you come back to take it.

8. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do, even before you have had a cup of coffee, you connect to the internet.

9. You incline your head to smile. : - )

10. Now you are reading this text, you're agree with it and you're smiling.

11. You are carried away too much to notice that the number 6 is missing in this list.

12. You needed just a second to look through the message once again and to make sure that the number 6 is really missing.
AND NOW YOU ARE LAUGHING Emotion: big smile
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Yeah. I'm laughing. I'm happy to live in the 21th century.
i'm laughing to, i love living in the 21th century, also because people here are clean, and before the 20th century, most of them just weren't.
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Yeah... I live in 20th century Emotion: wink
20th? Emotion: surprise
why and how do you live in the 20th century?
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Yay, travelling in time is possible!! I always knew that!! Emotion: big smile
everyone go to puma's, he has a time traveller!!
Hehehe! I wanna go to 1917 and stop Lenin! Puma, can you help me??
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