Could any native right my naive ideas?

[need n.] ---(of dictionary) the condition in which something necessary, desirable, or very useful is missing,wanted;

[need v.]----(of dictionary) to have a need for; to want for some useful purpose;

There's a growing need for new housing in this area.

[a growing need for new housing]-----(of me) to the difinition, the original = a growing need of a government policy that is necessary for new housing

Children need milk.-----To the difinition, that means: Children have a need of milk (for life). (There is an ellipsis of [for life] in that sentence

Thank you very much in advance

Consider this.

A person can express a need without having to explain it.

eg I need a dollar.

eg I have a need for a dollar.

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Yes, it’s a way to express.

But in the definition, any expression with to need or a need have an ellipsis to add in the mind.

The definition determines that “need” is a matrix in which something can be developed or formed.

Response to your example;

I need a dollar. ------I need a dollar (for paying the car).

I have a need for a dollar. ----I have a need (of a earning way that is necessary) for a dollar.

(for paying the car)------it exists in the definition;

(of a earning way that is necessary)----it exists in the definition, too;

Whether or not?

Please right my ideas.

Everything a person says comes from some idea in his or her mind. But they do not always have to express the idea fully, and the listener does not always have to understand fully what the idea is.


But we must know the bottom of the English language and logic of the rank.

In such a way so as to get into the mentality gate of English.
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Sounds reasonable.