Below is an example of a questionnaire form.
If there is anything worng with it, let me know.

(Q) Which newspaper do you subscribe to?
1:The New York Times
2:The Los Angels Times.
3:The Washington Post
4:Else (OR Another)

(Q) Which newspaper do you subscribe to?
1. The New York Times
2. The Los Angeles Times.
3. The Washington Post
4. Other

We notice that you have not yet responded to our quesiton about which newspaper you subscribe to. This information is important to us, and your response would be very much appreciated.

(Do you allow that the person might not be subscribed at all? I don't take a daily paper myself. I read my news online and take only the Sunday paper.)
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Thank you for your response.
This is about an online questionnaire form.
If the respondent hasn't answered the question,
I'd like to urge him to answer the question.

What is the most appropriate message?
For example, how about 'You haven't answered the question of your subscribing newspaper!'?
Or 'You haven't filled out the form of your subscribing newspaper!'?
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