Dear All,
I have three questions. Thank you in advance for your answers.

1) I am using microsoft word as a writing editor.
Since today, the grammer correction has been choosen for American English.
I would like to ask which type of English is the appropriate one
in academic writing; American English or British English?

2) Should I prefer to use "therefore" instead of "So" in academic writing?

3) Do you know any (electronic) document explaining the academic writing essentials
(especially academic grammer)?

1. It depends whether you are writing for an AmE or BrE audience.

2) It depends on the context. You can use therefore where it is suitable, but you wouldn't write 'I am re-arranging this therefore that the columns are equal.'

3)Sorry no, maybe someone else can help.
Hi Nona the brit,

For the first question:
This is the problem. I dont think that it depends the audience because
the audience in academic writing is the international community.
Science do not have a nationality and is exercised for humanity.
In that sense I am still not clear which type of English is prefereable.
Some say that America leads academic papers and therefore American English is better to use. However, I have the impression that British English is more formal.
So, I am still waiting for an answer to my question.

For the seecond question, I did not really get what you mean, sorry.

But thanx for your answers anyways.
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your question is slightly bizarre for me.
I gather you're not an English native speaker (otherwise you would choose your native lg).
Nor am I. In this situation you can stick to the variety of English that you find more appealing.
I prefer Br English and try to follow the British standards.
I must admit that most of the academic texts I've read came from the USA, however, i don't
think you can say that AmE is 'prefereable.'
As to the question if the British English is more formal, in each and every language you have
both formal and informal registers, and from the linguistic point of view you cannot say
that one language (or variety of language) is more formal than the other. The American English has both formal and informal register, the same is true of the British English.

If I were you, I'd choose the one you like more.
there is plenty of stuff out there. Just type "academic writing" into your browser.
meanwhile, have a look at these.

for the first question, I think it is not a crucial item. because there are no great difference between British english and American English in academic writing.
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