Hello everybody, have someone of you read a book called American Psycho? I have seen the movie too, but i think the book is much worse. What do you think about the book, please share your experience. The point of the diskussion should be that, how it is possible to a such violent book being selled to so large public around the world, inclusive children.
Ah now that is a much wider topic than just this specific book. You are really asking 'should there be censorship of violent books?'

I haven't seen that movie but I'm puzzled; you read it, you saw the movie, do you really want to stop other people doing the same thing?
I"m personaly dont want to stop anyone from anything, but have someone else read the book and would like to share what you like / dont like about it?

The first thing i was thinked about after finish reading the book, was like weird writer...