Hi friends. Has here anyone who had read that amazing book of Charlotte Bronte. I like novels very much but that book I liked especially. If you had read and liked it, please write me and share with me yours impressions.
I want to add also that I was reading it in simplified of Penguin Readers. The books of Penguin Readers the most helpful for studing and amusement. That is not advertisement that's truth.
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I read it time ago, and the only thing I remember was that I loved it! She was so smart..Emotion: smile
I must disagree with you Pucca! I was made to read it last summer as a school project and I found it deadly boring. I read the unabriged version in the original language and I could hardly stare it. Waaah it took me some three months to read it all -real nightmare. I especially found the ending ridiculous: I'm referring to Jane hearing Mr. Rochester's voice supernaturally calling her thorugh the madow... Btw if one the one hand I daresay I hate Jane Eyre, on the other I'm really fond of Wuthering Hights^^

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I love "Wuthering Height" It is one of my favorite my books. I like the protagonist Healcliff very much!!! . He is so obsessed with Katherine and loves her to death.
I agree with you about this book. I only now have finished that a book. That is the most boring book that I have ever read.
Strange how we have different attitudes towards on thing!!!!

To me,

Jane Eyre is terrific

Wuthering Heights is gloomy
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[:^)], seems that no one likes this book! I wonder why..I liked it because it tells the story of how a girl succeded and how she ended up with nothing for being too avaricious. Somehow the book teaches you not to follow Jane's example..
Mh... I don't see it this way. I mean, it is inarguable the fact that the protagonist menages somehow to climb the social ladder, but she doesn't get greedy at all- if this is what you meant... .This is pretty much a story of a quest to be loved: Jane is searching for a sense of belonging countinously.

Forgive me for saying that the plot is quite absurd to me

Pucca, whatelse did you like about it? I'm curious! Your motivations could make me reconsider the whole book!:)
Pucca, whatelse did you like about it? I'm curious! Your motivations could make me reconsider the whole book!:)
What I liked about this book?..hmm, apart from those things I wrote before, I also liked because, it tells a story that can be real, it is true that you can loose everything in time of a second, so you have to care about what you have and appreciate it, otherwise, you will be an unsatisfied person all you life. Another thing would be that it shows that no matter of what social class you are from because you can always "climb" higher or descend.

I really enjoyed the book, and in some way I feel quite identified with the main character since I am avaricious too, I always want more and more and more. Emotion: smile
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