I'd like to ask a question about poetry.

About breaking lines into segments, which seems to be indispensible part of
Korean Sijo, because one line is composed of 4 distinct segments.

Can it be done like this: breaking right after 'the'. What is native speaker's
sense of English?

Standing on the // mountain peak,
With a big sword // raised in my hand
I see that the // clouds of war
Filled up the // broad daylight.
Hello Pructus,

Generally in English poetry a line-break or a strong break within a line has the effect of emphasising the word before the break.

Thus in your examples, where the break follows "the", your divisions would emphasise the definite article.

You might want to use this as a special effect; but if you used it regularly, it might weaken your lines.

"the" goes in the second segment in each of those three cases. I don't think native speakers would ever understand a segment with final "the" to be a true segment, no matter how you defined "segment".

The two languages are so different that I don't think the details of their systems of poetic lines are even comparable.

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Thanks a lot, MrPedantic and CalifJim!!
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