Hi everyone:

I'm from a Latinamerican country where there is a celebration party for girls when they turn 15. I heard something called "Sweet 16", is it something similar in the US? And in the case of my country, would it be ok to say "Sweet 15"?.

What are some common health complaints that people have?. I'm giving a class about this, and I was trying to come out with some like: headacke, stomachache, fever, sore muscles. Could you please provide me with more examples?

Thanks in advance
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And how do girls celebrate their sweet 16? is it a formal party, at a house or a public place?

How different is it from a celebration for someone who turns 18 or 21?

By the way, thanks Lil' for the list of health complaints.
I'm cynical, so my answer is that mom and dad, fearing they will never get to see a wedding as their children get married later in life, and therfore possibly missing the opportunity to show how much more money they have than sense, throw an overly elaborate party, renting out a hall, and pay more for their daughter's Sweet 16 dress than I paid for my wedding dress. They have a catered party with party favors and a live band. It is immediatley fogotten because at least two of their classmates will have similiar parties within the next month.

My NON-cyncial answer is that it can be anything from a just-girls party in the basement with popcorn and movies to a rented hall, fully catered, black tie party. It really is more likely to be in their own home, but the kids are more likely to dress up a little, and the food is probably a little more fancy than pizza and soda.

In my own case, 350 years ago, my parents let me take a few of my best girlfriends out to dinner at one of my favorite (and not very expensive) restaurants.
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I can't speak for America but in England there is no "Sweet 16". It's merely an expression. However, we DO celebrate every birthday - usually with a small party for close friends. But 16 is not a special celebration like 21.

For 21, you are given "the key to the door". In earlier times you were not considered "to be of age" - an adult - until 21. At this time you were given your own key to the family home. Nowadays children get a key at a very young age. The birthday cake for a 21st birthday often displays a key design.
Very interesting about fact the one of giving the key to the door when turning 21. In my country, Peru, girls celebrate in a very special way their 15th birthday because is like considering a transition from a teenager to a miss. And turning 18 is considered the age when people are said to be adults and are able to get a citizen ID.
Over here in Indonesia, people always speak of 'Sweet 17', and never 'Sweet 16'. I suppose people do adapt the expression a bit to suit local cultures. But as stated earlier, it is 'Sweet 16' that is the established concept, and native speakers of English might very well think that 'Sweet other-than-16' are just plays on words.
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