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Hello, I try to make some long sentence including cleft sentence,adjective clause,adverial clause and noun clause, but I don't know all sentences are right?
can you help me check them. if you find something wrong, please,tell me how to correct them.
I try to improve grammar's ability.Thank you very much

When my uncle was unemployed, he couldn’t have ability to pay an installment monthly of condominium. Consequently, His families were forced to move by bank.

Government should sponsor adequate money to build a unemployed fund and help them tide over difficult times until they look for a job instead of putting a lot of money in developing or buying computer technology.

It is only when government funds social welfare that people who live on the edge of destitution can improve their standard of living.

Faced with global economic depression, traditional factories lay off employees so that some workers lose their stable jobs once, resulting in many families suddenly lose financial dependence.
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I would write these sentences as follows:

While my uncle was unemployed, he didn't have the ability to make the monthly payments on his condominium. Consequently, the bank foreclosed and his family was forced to move.

Instead of putting a lot of money into developing or buying computer technology, the government should adequately fund an unemployment assistance plan that would help the unemployed to avoid disaster while they look for a job.

It is only when the government funds social welfare that people who live on the edge of destitution can improve their standard of living.

In difficult economic times, factories often lay off many employees at once, resulting in numerous families suddenly losing financial support at the same time.

Note that I've revised what you've written according to my best interpretation of the original meaning of what you wrote. Before you use these new sentences in what you are writing, make sure that the meaning is still what you want.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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HELLO taiwandave Thank you very much

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