in business letter, is the word "kindly" suitable to use? when i want to ask the customer to transfer the money or check something. i write
"please kindly arrange the T/T payment."
and"please kindly check the Invoice"
is it good to use?

i will appreciate to your help, thank you!!
You can use kindly, but not along with please, as they are both saying the same thing.

Kindly arrange the payment OR Please arrange the payment
In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with using "kindly" in the way you suggest, but it can be overdone, and it is not a word that I have used much myself. Ask yourself how the letter would read without "kindly". I would suggest that "Please arrange the payment..." is just as likely to get the result you want.

I would however warn against using "kindly" by itself. If you write "Kindly arrange the payment" you sound as though you are giving an order - it is how a boss would address an office junior. The same would apply if you wrote "I would be much obliged if you would..." - you need to sound submissive to a customer, not as though you are browbeating them.

Nothing beats "please", in a whole range of circumstances!

As I say, this is my personal opinion - other people may take a different line.

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I am not sure, but I always write it in the following way:

" I would appreciate if you could ........"

Please correct me if I am wrong.


I would appreciate it if you could.....