This is mani! Is there any easy way to learn english ? I'm not too good in english. I'm doing lot of mistakes while i write. To write or speak in english, what are the steps i have to take further to get avoid of mistakes? Help me to improve my english better.

Welcome to the forum. There is no short cut to improving your English, just practise, practise, practise.

You are welcome to join in the discussions in the Discussions Area of this forum, and you can post your questions and writing examples here for our comments.
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Hello !

Is english that much tough ? What i have to practice daily ? I have to improve my english either by writing or reading from the book or chating thro net . My wish is to speak english without using my regional language. What i have to do further with this forum ? Is my english is good so far ? Help me with this. Hope you will reply soon.
pls help me to better writhing and speeking.I am don't even write a smole latter even in the out sid and office.i am verry poor in writing skils.