Hi there.

I just wanted to know about your policy. I posted something rather silly in this form, maybe around a week ago. The title of the thread was "Foot Operated Can Crusher." It was just for fun... I mean, it was rather silly stuff, but I like it. I just wanted to share with everybody, that's all.

Today I found that that thread was simply deleted. Why....?

(I'd be grateful if I could discuss with the person who deleted my post. Thank you.)
I don't know who deleted the post, but why don't you write him / her a PM? Everyday we have lots of posts to handle, and it may be difficult to remember what and why we did with this or that message. What was the reason of deleting? You must have received it by e-mail.
Hi Ruslana Emotion: smile

Thank you for your reply. There wasn't any email about that post, you know, among emails from EF, that's why I decided to ask...
If I could explain my intention to that moderator, I'd be glad... It was harmless, and it was fun, for me at least. So... if someone remembers deleting my post, let me know, I'd appreciate it.
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If you didn't receive any e-mails, maybe you were not logged in posting it, and the message was deleted as Anon's one.

What info was in your post? What kind of stuff? If you could tell us some more details about it, maybe one of the mods would recollect something.
If it was just something amusing copied from another site, then it would most likely be deleted, especially if it had nothing to do with learning English. If it was something original with you, then I don't know why it was deleted. I didn't read it myself, so I can't help you there.

Hello Feathers,

I didn't see your post either; but if it was

[url=]THIS ONE[/url]

it may have been taken for an advert or promotion.

(Certainly it looks easier than collecting enough cans to fill a bag and then reversing over them.)

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By Jove, I believe I deleted it, Feathers-- for the reason MrP gave-- an isolated post (i.e. not evidently in reponse to another) that linked to an advertisement. Sometimes I am in a foul mood early in the morning.
Thank you for all your replies....! Yes, MrP Emotion: embarrassed, that was the post I was mentioning. Thank you very much for your trouble.

MM, sorry for the mess, actually I'd be the last person to complain about it, because I've highly appreciated your sense of humor. It's a great pleasure to read your posts on this forum.

I was just kind of scared of being taken as a spam, or an annoying poster. Thank you again for all your advice, I'll be more careful Emotion: smile
All is well that ends well.
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