Dear Friend

This is my writting in below..
I need you to correct my English wrong.
I deem it will be improve my English power..
when you free..read it about my writing. thanks again.



lately.I had make a big decision. that is I quit my job.
and do something I like. For my part..this is need a big courage.
I didn’t know It will be success or failure.
But when people have(got) some age.I feel I should to do something as long as I like.
hereafter..It seem to didn’t have chace to do that. I still trust some words.
If you do.you will get a chance...but I doubt.Why I didn’t use that on girl for making friend..

Return to the subject.For my part,at this quit on job is a invest..I thought that is a big invest.
I will make materiality of the mony input turn to immateriality of the knowlage input.
I trust the knowledge input can make me better in the future.
So.since this time i will be trying to change myself.
lifestyle or learning presence..transform myself into a "Super Saiya“.
indeed..I take a lot of people’s blessing to leave.

At here.Thanks so much guys.
and the friends helping to me..thanks.
Hello Dodoro

My try is like below. But I'm quite certain whether this is good English or not. I hope someone will correct it.

Lately I have made a big decision. That is, I will quit my present job to do what I like to do. For me, this decision needed a big courage. I don’t know whether it will end in success or failure. I believe one should do what they like to do when they have attained a certain age. If I lose the chance now, I wouldn’t have any chance hereafter. I would like to believe the proverb that if we do our best we will get a chance, but sometimes I doubt whether it is true. If it were true, I could have a prettier girlfriend and better friends.
Returning to the subject, for me, the job quitting is like an investment for future. Yes, I believe it is indeed a big investment. Right now I would like to get a good education rather than money. I believe the education will help me to live a better life in future. So, since now on, I will try to change my lifestyle and myself. I hope I could change myself into a "Super Saiya" through learning. If they know my intention, I believe, many of my people will bless me to hear I leave the job.

By the way what is "Super Saiya"?
Hi..thanks for your reply..But..I feel My English not good enough.
because..I am already quit my job and write this note..Emotion: stick out tongue
first of all..
when you correct my words..It seem I am not quit my job,I Just thinking..
"I will quit my present job to do what I like to do.",But It's already be done,I mean I quit.Emotion: stick out tongue
I wish to explain..just if someone to do something.will take a chance..
just do something..not do someone's best..
and..I try to speak a joke..maybe not a joke..Emotion: stick out tongue
such as write a love letter for a girl..
If I do that..maybe I can take a chance become a boyfriend for her...you know..Emotion: stick out tongue
or maybe I try to speak to some girl I love her.so..I will take a chance she Accept or reject..

lastly..the "Super Saiya" is comic from Japan.
I have no idea how to explan that..do you know about "Dragonball Z Sagas".
haha..anyway..Thanks again for your kind to reply me...
but I just wish someone could check my grammar not to translate to another sentence..
I know it could be many wrong my writing..but i am not a native speaker in English..^^
I mean I need to know..which english wrong I used.^^