Hi, everybody,

Is it correct to say,

1. "She sings well.'

2. "She sings well of the song."

1 & 2 have the same meaning?

"She sings well" = "She is good at singing"?

hmmm I'm not an English expert, but I'm not sure the phrase, "she sings well of the song" is even a right usage of grammer.... she sings well on the song? she sings the song well??

but yes, "she sings well" and "she is good at singing" have same meaning. I can answer that....
Correct: She sings well. She sings the song well.

She sings well = she is good at singing.
She sings the song well = she is good at singing that song well. It's more specific.

"She sings well of the song" is incorrect.