hello all

i confused about there sentece how say it and why......

think than i at a bar and my hand have some water glass and someone asking me were u got this water

than i answer him i have taken it forom the bar or i took it from the bar?

I have taken the drink from the bar (BrE).
I took the drink from the bar (AmE).
both are used.
i confused (red means bad English here)
I am confused

how say it

how to say it

i at a bar
I am at the bar

were u got
where you got

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ok thnks all

what is ame and bre ?
Kobiafok thnks all

what is ame and bre ?
American English
British English

You will find that your English improves much more quickly if you stop using 'text-talk' abbreviations all the time. This is a site for practising correct English.
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I fully agree, Nona. This text-talk makes it difficult to distinguish between intentional and unintentional mistakes and hurts the eyes.