I' m a junior teacher about to teach Shakespeare's Sonnet 18, below are my questions.

1. How to pronounce "grow'st", ow'st", and "dimm'd" ? And what do Emotion: storm, (d) and wand'rest mean?
Hi Anon, best of luck with the Elizabethan!

I grow, thou growest, he grows, we grow, you (pl) grow, they grow. thou owest And often is his gold complexion dimmed.

These are just contractions, like can't for cannot.

The five-foot iambic goes ta-da ta-da ta-da ta-da ta-da. If the bard needs to put a two-syllable word where there's only room for one syllable, he scruntches it.

You have to do the same when you pronounce it. (only one syllable allowed.)

Nor death brag that thou [art wandering] in his glade (you are wandering) wand'rest=contraction for wanderest (two syllables instead of three)

I think Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May is the prettiest line I ever heard - If you happen to love the sound of English.
Emotion: nodding This really was so helpful. Thank you.