Dear All,

I'm about to do my speaking exam (CPE)today. I dont know whether anyone here has ever taken one of the cambridge exams but we need to give a quick introduction about ourselves. I was wondering if anyone could help me out here abd chech whether theres any mistakes and if it really sound formal. Many thanks

My name is rebeca.I'm brazilian.I come from the northeast of brasil.its a considerably small city,nonetheless its becoming internationaly known for its tropical beaches and hot weather all year round(to break the ice a little bit,i would say).as u can see its been and going to be quite tough for me to survive this winter. as its going to be the coldest in a decade.I ve been in london for a year now.Ive always been passionate about languages so after graduating I managed to gather some income and decided to come to london .So, i came solely with the purpose of improving my english skills and while im here i decided to engage myself for the CPE exam.

Thats it...........Is it informal?? because it cant be......Please, if theres any mistakes,,,,feel free to modify for me....Im leaving my house in 2 hours...it would be nice to get that before...many thanks.......

see u soon
Hi Rebeca,

Calm down a bit and take a few deep breaths. I'm sure you are going to do just fine. I don't really think it is quite right to help you too much with your exam piece itself but as a couple of pointers - you say it is a small city but you have not told us which city you are talking about. Contractions like it's and I've are less formal that saying It is and I have.

Good luck.
Its so true.....I havent mentioned the city.OPS!!

Regarding the constructions I'm actually quite aware that im not supposed to use them.But as i was in a hurry to write the post i had to make it short...Thanks for the help.!! Another question is I seemed to always be confused about using nonetheless and however.Can they be used in the same way??? Can i say:It is a considerably small city,however,its becoming internationally known for its tropical beaches.

In which part do u think i ought to mention the name of the city?? the name is MACEIO.

I'm really sorry to bother u with these silly questions...I'm really trying to calm down a bit but I've always been petrified about face-to-face interviews.Emotion: sad

Many thanks for the prompt reply,