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Useful Resources For Teachers

Callan Method 2012?

Hi everyone just want to get your opinion about Callan Method 2012 if you are familiar with it. Please post how it helped you in your learning (if English is your 2nd language...

Diagnostic Test And Other Questions

Hello. I'm gonna start my part time job tomorrow. I'm gonna teach English (Grammar, Listening, Reading and Conversational) to an Elementary School Student and a Middle School Student...

Effective Teavhing Strategies-Skill Based

what strategy can be adopted to improve each language skill (Listening, speaking, reading, writing )of the students?

How To Teach Vocabulary?

Hi everyone. I'd like you to help me. What is the best way to teach vocabulary? Are there motivational activities can help students remember words? Thanks.

What Are The Difficulties Facing?

what are the difficulties facing the second language learners?

Online Teaching

What is your reaction to online teaching? As a teacher, do you have any restrictions?

Online Teaching?

Do you see new roles and functions for an Online teacher in this new online universe?

Main Role Of An Online Teacher

What is the main role of an online teacher? Or, what are the roles of an online teacher?

Introduction Of New Technologies

How do you welcome the introduction of new technologies into your classroom?

What's New About Teaching Online?

In your personal oppinion, what is really new about teaching online? Is it very different from teaching face to face?

Focus On Proficiency By Sue O'conell ...

Hello I have just bought this book "Focus on Proficiency" by Sue O'Conelland the questions are very difficult. Unfortunately, I don't have the keys. Does anybody have them? Thanks...

Teaching English

teaching english to the student trough internet,, what do you think?

Help Me In My TEFL?

I need some help in my TEFL course. I failed 2 times in check point 2 and I have only one more chance to attempt. please hep. Question is this: How would you teach the form ‘...

What Is Your Context Advise For 'Would...

I need to prepare a lesson plan about '' To express preference in the past'' for English Lesson. It must be inductive. Would you mind giving some advice for processing activities...

Learn English By Telephone?

Hi, we are English teachers who specialises in telephone lessons. This allows us to teach English to anyone across the globe. If you're interested in learning english by telephone...

Poll: Online Education: PROS & CONS

Hi every one~~ how are you? I hope you all do fine. I am going to be an ESL teacher. My professor asks us to do a research paper, which its theme is about Online Education:PROS...

Teaching English?

need examples of the same error in different contexts Along with the sentences chinese speakers might say?

TEFL Lesson Plans?

Hi, I need to do an essay for uni and just wondered if you could please give me some advice as we have not actually been taught how to do a lesson plan! I've to do two lesson...

Grammar First Or Speaking First?

Hi all! I need your opinion about TEFL, especially from the teachers which one is better, teaching grammar first then speaking later or teaching both at the same time. If it...


how does linguistic learning help broaden a teachers learning?

How To Handle Students

Hi, I'm anna. I'm teaching TEFL in Indonesia. The biggest problem I always face is I'm usually stuck in finding appropriate technique in teaching my students that most of them...

What Is Learner Centered Instruction?

what is learner centered instruction

Help With Ideas....

How can you implement educational strategies and instructional methods to maximize the ability of fourth grade students in English Language Arts to: 1. Learn and apply the content...

Tbl & Ppp?

In what ways is the Task Based Learning model similar to the P-P-P model?

Need Recount Text Audio

do you have any links or website that serve example recount text audio? I really need it to teach listening skill about recount text to my students. thanks a lot anyway.
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