Hi, I'm asking for the name of a game. I don't know whether it is played in English-speaking countries as well.

I guess this game requires at least 6 people, or 7. The more, the better. There is a judge, two killers, two policemen, and the rest are civilians. In each round, the killers kill a civilian or a policeman. The suspects can defend themselves by persuading others that they are innocent. The most suspected ones are killed. In the end, if both the two killers are dead, or both the two policemen are dead, the game is over.
Is this a murder mystery?
What is that?
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It is famous in Asia, especially eastern Asia.
Since it isn't well-knowned in Europe or America, maybe there isn't a formal Englsih name.
It is called 'Killers'[杀人游戏] here in China.
Yes, you are right.