Hi! this is my first post here. So, please be gentle!

I just noticed a few people using the phrase 'Never Better' as a photo caption in their avatar etc. Is this phrase grammatically correct or acceptable? I find it really disturbing because it does not sound right. I think the phrase should have been, 'Never been better'.

I do hope that anyone of you English grammar gurus out there would shed light on this.

Muchos Thanks!
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"Never better" and "Never been better"

Both are just logos and need not be grammatically correct. Anyhow, both are grammatically incorrect since there is no verb in either of them. To make them grammatically correct, you'd have to write them this way:-

a) It was never better./ It had been never better

b) It has/had never been better.
Dehbaash - I think it's a bit hasty to call something "grammatically incorrect" just because it doesn't contain a verb. It's not a complete sentence if it doesn't contain a verb (or an implied verb), but many utterances are not complete sentences. Would you say "Hello!" is grammatically incorrect?
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I think it's a bit hasty to call something "grammatically incorrect"


With reference to Bladeburn's question, "Is this phrase("Never better") grammatically correct or acceptable?", do you still think that I was "a bit hasty to call something "grammatically incorrect" ?

(Please note that I never said that it was unacceptable.)
Dehbaash, pay attention to word order in your examples:

a) .../ It had never been better.
Cairn wrote:

Dehbaash, pay attention to word order in your examples:

a) .../ It had never been better.

"Word order", Cairn??

"It had been never better" and "It had never been better" are both grammatically sound to me and so are the verbs, "had been" and "had never been". Perhaps you would be kind enough to elaborate with your own examples.
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Hello Dehbaash

I am interested in the word order of "had been never better" and I googled it. There is a single page (among 8,058,044,651 web pages) that uses "had been never better".

I really like you, as you are teaching us a unique English.


"Last year I was given a big salary increment and this year I have been approved for another sizeable increase again! Life had been never better!!"

BTW, these days, here in Hong Kong, there is this Macdonald sing-song advert, " I'm walking on sunshine.......I'm lovin' it.....".

Walking ON sunshine?? Can anybody walk on sunshine?

If a non-native speaker (like you and I )were to come up which such an advert, s/he'd be taken for an idiot but since it was concocted by a native speaker, it's "cool" and fabulous!
Hi guys,

I remember the song "Walking on Sunshine".

Now I'm walking on sunshine, yeah
I'm walking on sunshine, yeah yeah
I'm walking on sunshine, yeah
And don't it feel good.
People often can't distinguish proficient ESLs from native speakers. Often, they simply assume that all proficient speakers are natives. So if I came up with that advert., people would assume I'm native. Emotion: big smile
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