Sometimes, I saw the message like

(a) "p/s: remember to inform Susan to bring books along."

What is the full word of " p/s" ? What does it mean?

(b) Some letters would show like:

CC: Mr Lim

What is the "CC" ?
PS = post script; post scriptum [Latin: after writing; that is, after the main body of the message has already been written.]
CC = carbon copy [a list of recipients of the message other than the main recipient; so-called because it used to be customary to produce paper copies by means of carbon paper.]

What is the main function of "PS" and "cc"?
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PS was quite common before the e-mail era, when people would write out a long letter and then remember that something else should be added. Hence, instead of rewriting the thing, you would just add and a PS, then post you comments. To be honest, there's really no need for it now, as it seems quite lazy...
Oh, I see. How about the CC? By the way, " PS" is not commonly be used?
I'm not an expert, but when writing, I've never used the term CC. Maybe it's a business thing. Perhaps Dilbert would know!
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Vincent TeoOh, I see. How about the CC? By the way, " PS" is not commonly be used?
If you want others to have a copy of your letter, in addition to the person you are writing to, you can indicate the other recipients at the end of the letter as follows:

cc Smith