Hello, everybody.

I have considerd the verb "live" only as an intransitive verb. For example, I lived in the city. I thought the case that live can take an object is only when the verb takes the same noun as the verb such as in "He lived a peaceful life". However, I watched a movie titled "Whitesnow and hunterman" yesterday. In the movie the queen who is the step mother of Whitesnow said "live him." to her quardians after wondering whether she would killed two men who had tried to assasin her.
Now I wonder whether "live" could mean the same as "save" or the use of "live him!" in the movie is just old use or I don't understand the queen' line well.

Thank you in advance. I hope peace will be together with us always.
I haven't seen the film, but my guess is that you mis-heard "leave him."

whitesnow Snow White

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Thank you for your comment. Now I see it.Emotion: big smile
Emotion: roseOops. Snow White. I wrote her name's order according to my language. I will not forget her name.
Her name does not mean "snow that is white", it means "white as snow".
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Really? I couldn't even imagine it. Now I got it. Thank you.^^