Does anyone know why following sentence is correct?

-dedicate ourselves "to starting" our own business.

normally, we have native verb tense after "to"

what i thought is

-dedicate ourselves "to start" our own business.

so which one is correct?....this kind of question always annoyed me, but

i just can't find any rule using it.

any help will be appreciated
Hello Stevenlien

'Starting' here is a verbal noun. Sometimes it's called the gerund; sometimes, as Miche says, the '-ing form'.

Try this webpage – you have to scroll down to 'infinitives and gerunds':


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This construction amounts to using a gerund ("-ing" word) as the object of the preposition "to". You don't have any aversion to using gerunds, do you? Eventually you'll get used to seeing this construction, especially if you get around to paying close attention to reading carefully every day. It really all comes down to finding good examples. Of course, I'm making references to reading this post very carefully, but please note that I am not accustomed to explaining gerunds after "to" in this way.

California Jim
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The verb "dedicate" is always followed by the preposition "to". So in this case "to" is not the first part of a to-infinitive, it is a preposition. That is why you use the ing-form after it.
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