I want to know about the types of greetings
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That's a rather broad question...can you be more specific?

I mean, there are many different greetings in the English language, but I'm not sure what you mean by "type."
Let's see if this helps:

Greetings + Replies
Basic Greeting:
-Hello, how are you?
-Fine, thank you, and you?
-Fine, thank you.

I’m fine.
Not bad, thank you, and you?
I’m well, thank you.
Ok, thanks, and you?

Only to friends/family:
I’m fine, but I don’t feel too well today.
I’m ok, but I have a really bad headache.

Hi! Hi there!
How you doing?
How’s things?

What’s up? (American)
How’s it hanging??

Finishing a Letter or Piece of Writing
Yours faithfully - when you write: Dear Sir/Madam/To whom it may concern
Yours sincerely – Dear Mrs. Smith/ Dear Ms West/ Dear Mr. Jones

All the best.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon
Write soon!
Take care and I hope (to see you soon)
Your aye (Scottish)
See you soon!
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Do U know what the meaning Of " Hug" is.
I want to know about the types of greetings

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How else can we greet someone, other than Hi and Hello
Those are the best and most common choices, besides 'Good morning/afternoon/evening'.
o'key...i have a homework in university... i have to find all English types of greetings..
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