Hello everyone,

First of all. I have to apologize to moderators about my last posting.
I did it without login, so someone might be dealing with my last posting.
BUT, I have no time to wait.
Please forgive me.

Now I am trouble with translating the phrase 'in minutes versus days'.
Would you please change the phrase into other one in order to understand easily?
I found the phrase in the following sentence.
"Application updates made in minutes versus days;"

I useually use 'versus' like that: The final of the World Cup will be Brazil versus England.
This is easy to understand, but ....

Please help me.

From that one sentence, my interpretation is as follows:

Applicaion updates are now made in minutes compared to previously when application updates required days.

Good luck.

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You sure made things easy for me.

Thank you so much!!
My pleasure Yoko.