HI ,
My computer has lot of viruses . It's name is W32 Spybot.Worm. I don't know how to
remove it . I have Norton 2003 Virus Guard . I scan it from it . I was unable to delete
this Virus . How to do it ? I need your help .
you should download spybot program. it is very useful agaist virus. when you search it in google you can find and download it. it is free program.
I agree with Fenerbahçeli, spy program is more useful than norton.

But if you want the better way, I think you must try to get this program ( kaspersky)
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Hi there Guest,
W32 = Windows (32-bit)
Spybot.Worm = Sounds like spyware - definately a worm

If you've not noticed any big changes, it might not be too late to fix.
To start with, let me say that Norton is useless. It detects EVERYTHING as a Virus, it blocks everything - very ikky, I hate it!!!

To try cleanse yourself of this worm, try the following tools:
Spybot Search and Destroy: http://www.safer-networking.org/en/mirrors/index.html
AdAware: http://www.download.com/Ad-Aware-SE-Personal-Edition/3000-8022_4-10045910.html?part=dl-ad-aware&s...

For a GOOD virus scanner, I'd light to suggest AVG AntiVirus.
You'll want the AVG Antivirus for a workstation, Windows. Top download on this page.

If none of these tools can clean up the worm, I'm afraid you'll have to format your hard drive, or live with the worm, which will slowly eat away at your PC. Emotion: sad
To format, boot from your Windows XP CD (or your OS CD, Win2000, Win98, WinME, WinNT, whatever!) , delete the C: partition, and hit Enter to install a fresh copy of windows. You WILL lose everything on your PC though, so only use it as a last resort.

Dave S.