hello everybody,
did u ever hear about the word of the day in yahoo? l learned a lots these words but l couldn't see them any newspapers . Aren't these words popular ?
Enjoy ,
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What is the site URL, Sibel?

l think l coluldn't say what i meant.Okay l will try to say a different way.' fraternize, compassive ,
belie' . Are these words popular or not ?
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Yes, 'fraternize' and 'belie' are common but usually formal (used mostly in writing) words. 'Compassive' I do not know. Is it 'compassionate'?
sorry , what 's URL ?Emotion: embarrassed
Yes it is compassionate , Thank you so much ...
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'A Uniform Resource Locator, URL, or Web address, is a standardized address for some resource (such as a document or image) on the Internet (or elsewhere).'

It is the address that starts with 'http://', Sibel.
l see, Thank you Mister Micawber ...
I was watching "Island at War" -- show about St. Gregory Island (fictitious) in WWII -- and the girls in the show were talking about how they shouldn't be "fraternizing" with the German soldiers.

Could this be an older term?
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