Dear All:

I have some questions about some verbs and nouns in the lyrics to "My Best Friend's Girl" of The Cars.

(A video is embedded on this page.)


When shes dancing 'neath the starry sky / Oo, shell make you flip

Does "flip" here mean "go crazy"?


When shes dancing 'neath the starry sky / I kinda like the way she dips

Does "dips" here mean "ducks her head"?


You've got your nuclear boots / And your drip dry glove

What kind of boots are "nuclear boots," and what kind of gloves are "drip dry gloves"?


Please shed some light. Emotion: smile
For the "Newclear Boots," like these ones.
1. Yes.
2. Yes, or just dancing in general.
3. Hazmat gear. Drip-dry gloves are special gloves that, for whatever reason, drip dry. They have special applications and kind of match the boots.
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Drip Dry glove is probably referring to Michael Jackson's glove.