What does "abstract thinking" mean? I know what does abstract mean and I found the following as a definition for it in dictionary:
>> thinking about ideas
But i need more clarification and/or some examples.

I'd appreciate any help in advance,

imantaghaviWhat does "abstract thinking" mean?
Logical reasoning, especially about relationships between general principles and with complex data.


You could also approach it another way, by considering thinking that is not abstract.
eg thinking abut a brick
eg thinking about a chair
eg thinking about a bottle of beer

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Although all thinking could be looked at as "abstract" in a way, so-called abstract thinking is when you think at an apparently higher level than the practical and everyday. For example, in mathematics, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division have practical applications in everyday calculations - and moreover, once you learn the procedures you can do them by rote without any thinking, so anyone can do addition, etc. - so you're not considered to be doing abstract thinking when you're adding, subtracting, etc. However, in topics like set theory and group theory you're seemingly removed from the practical and everyday. These have no apparent practical application and so they are considered more abstract than mere calculations like addition and subtraction (although at their heart, addition and subtraction can be looked at as very abstract topics in mathematics).
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Thank you Anon,CJ and Clive for your clarifications. Those were so fruitful.