I know there occur various forms of harassment in academia, but does "academic harassment" make sense?
The first thing I thought of was 'publish or perish'.
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It's a very common phrase. If you google 'academic harassment', you'll get 17 million hits, with all kinds of definitions and examples.

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The phrase is not nonsensical, but it is far too vague for me; I have no idea what 'academic harassment' consists of.
I think its just an abbreviation, of your first phrase, but could also imply the kind of harrassment that is dressed up in academic references and terminology, that to outsiders or those less faliliar with academic speech and conversation, its rather austere/sombre/serious/learned etc tone, gives it a frisson of respectability, which it would not have if the comment was repeated in Glaswegian slang or embroidered with obscenities, as offensive
harrassment often may be .
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Could we use that term to describe the situation in which a university student feels compelled to give his/her professors the answers that match the professors' particular views. Or even to extend it to students being afraid to air unpopular views or even feeling compelled to advocate certain views only because the majority likes those views?
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