american accent is easy to understand; british accent is something terrible for me. is this my personal problem?
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It's interesting, because most people say the American accent is harder. But there are many types of accents within both countries. Maybe you have been listening to very fast-speaking people from the UK and slower speakers from the US.
The easiest one is the one you are most familiar with. Emotion: wink
I have always listened to American English, and when I tried to listen to some British English, I could hardly understand anything. No kidding! So I plan to spend some time improving British English too in the future.
My impression is that American English is much more homogeneous in general, while British dialects can be very different from one another. The tricky thing seems to be that if you pick a course and learn the American accent, you will hear a similar accent most of the time on American mass media, but if you pick a course on British English, you're only going to hear the Queen speak that way... or newscasters. All the rest just seem to drink wa'er! (water). Emotion: wink
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I am an American.I do not find that the English that is spoken on British television is hard at all. However if I go to some rural parts of England I sometime cannot understand a word the people say.

By the way learning Russian is about 1000 times harder than learning english.
Your impression might be wrong. Most students from China think American English is easier to understand and better in sounds.
I figure the reason is we are much much more familiar with American culture anyway.
take an example,Ive been seeing US movie since I was a little kid and am falimiar with US accent. and when we study English,we always choose to listen to VOA or CNN instead of BBC. and I think the familiarity of the US inclines us to accept American accent more.
There are a variety of accents in Britain. The important thing is that one has an accent that is most understood. RP or Received pronunciation is thought to be the least regional and therefore the most understood accent. Its counterpart in USA is called GA or General American.
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My native language is Russian (which is 1000 times harder to learn as someone had noticed earlier =) ) and I love American English! it is so easy to understand while watching a movie or a news programme! Whereas British English can be quite challenging sometimes!
I just love american accent.. always spoke US English..

is it easier to understand than British accent?.. well.. i think here's how everyone got used.. i have a friend who speaks British Eng, and even she was in US and lived there for a while, she still speaks British.. that's only cause in the school her teacher taught her british accent, and she just got used.. America didn't change her.. even she sounded "strange" for others, she couldn't understand why.. she just spoke English.. the way she knew it and learned it..

i think there's nothing to discuss.. we can say - i like US accent more than British one, and we can say conversely..

anyway we all speak ENGLISH))
so what about Australian English? I am going to spend an abroad year there and i wonder what kind of accent they have? Is it more like American Englisch or British English or do they have their own features so that you can´t really compare it to AE or BE?
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